Genre - Death

    Location - Atlanta, GA

    Members -

    Adam Besserer-Guitar
    Richard Olsen- Guitar
    Nate Godbee- Vocals
    Max Madara- Bass
    Dan Klein- Drums


     There's not a lot to really say about Disfigurement. They're brutal,  loud, gore-infused death metal. The vocals sound like some psychotic fucker has eaten a mouthful of metal shavings and the music is something that someone must have traded their soul to obtain, because I've never heard anything more demonic (though some have come close). This is good ole' fashioned southern death metal, and it calls me back to my Tampa roots. Being that these guys spew forth their particular pestilence from Atlanta, you could almost say that we're spiritual neighbors in that sense. Look....buy their albums. Listen to their music. Bang your fuckin' head. It's that fucking simple.

    No videos....yet.